Production capacities

We would like to offer you the possibility of making orders in the metal production area. Our production possibilities are these:

  • sheet metal cutting, thickness bis 6 mm, length max. 3 m HGS3006
  • cutting the material with the band saw bis the diameter 160 mm
  • pressing brake HAP 30160
  • cutting out on the CNC press BALTEC
  • pressing on the press bis 60 tons (accentric presses and hydraulic presses)
  • spot welding
  • welding in CO including stainless and aluminum
  • plasma arc cutting bis thickness 20 mm
  • powder varnishing
  • cutting operation including tool-room work, lathes SV 18, milling machine FN20 a FN32 OPTIK,
    horizontal grinding machines BPH 20 NA,
    universal grinding machines BU 28/630,
    copy grinding machines STUDER, electroerosion machines VJ05, DM 6030,
    jig borers BKDE 400 x 630,
    possibilities of thermal refinement in the production unit 200 and in the plant 01 Bynov