Safe cabinets

Cabinets for large storing documents in folders. After removing the shelves can store more musical instruments or antiques. Without vertical bulkheads lined with lockable box.

WSA 10 / shelf   with certificate S1

trezorova skrin

 External dimensions:

 1500 x 650 x 450 mm (h x w x d)

 Internal dimensions:

 1250 x 644 x 380 mm (h x w x d)


 122 kg

 Internal volume:

 305 l

 Surface finish: (powder painting)

 light grey, jet black, moss green, anthacite


 1  (thickness of casing: 3 mm)

 Lockable box:



 3 removable + box

 Holes for anchoring to floor:


 Level of resistance acc. to:

 ČSN 91 6013 / EN 14 450


 10 330 CZK (without VAT)

Three-way locking bolts controlled by a wheelbase.

 Mechanical lock of class Vds1 (standard). Electronical lock upon request (2850 CZK).