Company WICO B.G.M. has more than eighty year traditon of producing zip fasteners. The company was founded in 1931 by Erich Wittenberg and Herman Duchrow in Bynov, Podmokly (today Děčín IX) under the name of Erich Wittenberg and Co., public trading company for manufacture of zip fasteners. This name was used to create the world-known trademark WICO.

At the time of it´s foundation, metal zip fasteners were manufactured only by hand. Mechanization of the production began in 1933, when five machines Nagele were imported from Berlin.

In 1945 the company was nationalized and the name was later changed to national company KOH-I-NOOR Děčín. Under this name the company operated until 1990.

During the post-war development, the company has undergone many changes and modernizations. Among the most significant is estabilishment of a galvanizing facility in 1972 and the production of a new plastic spiral zip fasteners in thinner version in 1974. In following years, the production of a thicker type of zip fasteners was also introduced.
In the seventies, the production spectrum has been gradually diversified and along side of the traditional manufacturing of zip fasteners we added a metal production focused primarily on producing tools and spare parts. After 1999, our product portfolio has been widen to include manufacturing of weapon cabinets, safes and other custom-made metal products.


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